I’m not just a seamstress, I’m a farm owner and the primary caregiver for a herd of 10 horses. Over the last twelve years, these horses have taught me how to be flexible and accommodate their individual needs. Noticing the small details is what makes my work different; I believe that we achieve better relationships with our equine partners by treating them as individuals and working with their differences.

My love for the craft was born with the purchase of my daughter’s first pony, Logan. At 11 years old, my daughter was full of ideas for colourful saddle pads, custom blankets and everything sparkly. My creative side leaped into action immediately. Although creativity comes naturally, the ability to repair was forced on me by said pony. If he could tear it, he would! I had to come up with ingenious ways to Logan-Proof just about everything.  

My work has continued to grow and develop over the years, and I am proud of the services I offer to the Ottawa-Gatineau region. All of my basic services are offered at fair prices to promote inclusivity in the sport. I’ve worked with small farms, individual equestrians and several large organizations like Venturing Hills Farm, Avant-Garde Equestrian Farm and Equine Canada. Custom, creative projects excite me and I look forward to bringing your vision to life.

– Rebecca Leblanc

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